Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Fruits Dogs Can or Can’t Eat

Dogs can eat bananas, which is one of the ways to supplement their nutrition. Bananas are rich in vitamins and fiber, which are beneficial to the overall health of the dog and promote bone growth. It can also be fed to dogs with constipation, which can have a certain relief and preventive effect.

Each age of puppies has different nutritional needs. Each age of puppies has different nutritional needs. Choosing puppy dog ​​food according to their age can provide enough nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of puppies of different sizes. Although eating bananas is good for your dog’s health, avoid overfeeding. In addition to bananas, you can also feed other fruits, but dogs are different from humans. Not all fruits can be eaten. Some of the ingredients can affect their health. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the screening when you feed the dog’s fruit. The following is to share the benefits and precautions of eating bananas for the dog, as well as the fruits that the dog can and cannot eat.

What are the nutrition and benefits of bananas for dogs?

  1. Rich in many vitamins
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Easy to digest and improve intestinal health

1.Rich in many vitamins

Bananas are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 to help dogs grow healthier. Vitamin C can strengthen the immune system and is very helpful for wound repair and skin health. Vitamin B6 can be made into glucose to promote blood health and other functions.


Supplementing dogs with antioxidants can extend their lifespan, enhance immune function, and protect their eyesight.

3.Easy to digest and improve intestinal health

Bananas are easier for dogs to digest, and they will not have a bad effect on them. Banana is an important nutrient of dietary fiber and prebiotics, which can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and improve intestinal health.

5 precautions & taboos for dogs eating bananas

  1. Bananas have a high percentage of sugar, so it is recommended to consume 1-2 bananas.
  2. Bananas are also high in carbohydrates, please do not allow dogs to eat them as meals.
  3. When feeding dogs bananas, avoid them eating banana peels.
  4. Feeding in large amounts will cause the dog to not be able to digest completely, leading to constipation.
  5. Dogs with diarrhea should not eat bananas, otherwise, they will worsen diarrhea.

How to make a delicious dog banana meal?

Letting dogs eat bananas is also a skillful thing. Dogs will choke easily if they eat too fast during feeding. We recommend 3 delicious banana meals tailored for dogs.

The first category: Banana Fruit Salad for Dogs

Ingredients: 2 bananas

Production method: After peeling, cut the bananas into small pieces and feed them one at a time to the dog.

The second category: Peanut Butter with Banana for dogs

Ingredients: peanut butter, 1 banana

Production method: Spread peanut butter on the peeled bananas. Bananas can be cut into pieces or uncut, The dog will slowly lick the peanut butter and will not eat too fast and will not choke easily. (Peanut butter should be fed in moderation, not overdose)

The third category: banana fruit puree for dogs

Ingredients: 2 bananas

Production method: Peel the banana and press it into a puree to mix it with the food that the dog usually eats, which can not only allow the dog to take in the proper amount of nutrition, but also enjoy the deliciousness of the banana.

20 recommended fruits that dogs can eat

Mango: It is rich in vitamins, but dogs with white hair often eat it and cause pigmentation.

Apple: It can improve the digestion and absorption capacity of the dog, but avoid eating the core.

Blueberries: It is also a source of many vitamins for dogs.

Guava: To feed the dog Guava, the seeds should be removed to prevent them from constipation.

Citrus: Citrus fruits for dogs can help digestion and defecation.

Banana: Rich in vitamins, it can keep your dog’s gastrointestinal health, but don’t feed too much at once.

Carambola: Feed carambola in moderation,the high potassium content in it may put a burden on the dog’s kidneys.

Kiwi fruit: Rich in vitamin C, can be fed in moderation.

Watermelon: More water, especially suitable for eating in summer, but first remove the watermelon seeds.

Lotus mist: Contains a variety of nutrients, which can supplement the dog with enough nutrition.

Water pear: Contains vitamins and fiber, it is recommended to remove the core before feeding.

Cantaloupe: Contains nutrients and has more water, but should be fed in moderation.

Strawberry: Rich in vitamin C and enzymes, it can whiten puppy teeth, but the sugar content is too high to eat more.

Pineapple: Contains protease, but some puppies are weaker and can cause diarrhea, itching, etc.

Grapefruit: Contains vitamin C, helps digestion in the stomach and intestines, suitable for dogs with constipation.

Pitaya: Trace elements and cellulose are nutrients needed by the body, but eating too much can cause diarrhea and hair loss.

Papaya: Fruits with more flesh, can regulate the digestive system.

Cranberry: Rich in anthocyanins, vitamin C, iron, which can reduce the occurrence of urinary diseases in puppies, but should be cut into small pieces when feeding.

Apricot: Can be fed as dessert, but the core and leaves should be removed before eating.

Tomato: Rich in nutrients that are good for the body.

5 fruits that dogs can’t eat

Grapes: Whether they eat grapes or raisins by mistake, they may cause diarrhea, vomiting or even worse.

Cherries: After dogs eat cherries, the alkaloids in the cherries will make them breathe faster and their heart beats faster.

Sugarcane: Because the fiber of sugarcane is relatively coarse, it is not easy for dogs to absorb and digest. For small dogs, because the intestines are relatively small, there may be obstruction.

Raw pineapples: Dogs can cause allergic reactions to unripe pineapples. If ingested by mistake, seek medical treatment in time.

Ping Po: Whether it’s cooked or raw, you should avoid dogs eating them by mistake. If it is eaten by mistake, serious problems will occur in a short period, and you must seek medical treatment in time.

Banana is one of the more nutritious fruits for dogs. Feeding them in moderation can enhance immunity, promote growth and keep them health. Whether it is to eat bananas or other fruits for the dog, do it in moderation and pay attention to the feeding method.If you don’t know the amount, frequency and method of feeding your dog needs, you can ask a professional veterinarian for advice, so that you can ensure that your dog enjoys delicious food while maintain good health.

In addition, special attention should be paid to if the dog eats core by mistake, you must seek medical treatment in time, because the core will stay in the stomach without abnormalities. By the time the dog has a problem, it is already serious, so avoid letting the dog eat the core.