How to Tell if Your Cat can Catch Mice?

In daily life, I often hear people talk about or see mice. For pests and mice, many citizens are reluctant to see them at home. So how to reduce the infestation of these rats? Do you think that if you have a cat, there will be no mice in your house?

Nowadays, people think that cats are animals that can catch mice. This depends on the type of cat and the environment in which the cat grows up. For example, pet cats generally do not catch mice. This article will let you learn to judge whether a cat can catch a mouse from 5 aspects.

5 ways to judge a cat can catch a mouse

1. Female cats can catch mice

One month after the mother cat gave birth to her kittens, it will slowly teach its kittens some life skills. About 3 months old, if the mother cat can catch mice, then it will teach this skill to the kitten, and it will catch a mouse and show it to the kitten. After many pieces of training, the kitten will subconsciously want to catch it after seeing the mouse.

2. Observe the cat’s paws and tail

If you don’t know whether a cat can catch mice, then you can observe its paws and tail. If you see the cat’s paws drooping and lazy when you lift it, then it is usually lazy, and generally, it does not catch mice. When the cat is lifted, its tail and paws retract together, indicating that it is very diligent and should be able to catch mice.

3. Stray cats or domestic cats can catch mice

Stray cats rely on their efforts to get food. They will be very diligent and look fierce. Cats will catch mice to make a living. Domestic cats are usually raised by their owners to prevent mice. The owners allow the cats to move around and even go out to find food on their own. Therefore, kittens have a stronger survival ability.

4. Clever cat

If that cat is bold and clever, then it will do things more independently, and it will likely become an animal that can catch mice when it grows up.

On the contrary, if the cat is cumbersome and courageous, it may not look for food after it is hungry. Even if you raise it, there may not be fewer rats and insects in your house, and the effect will not be so good.

5. Observe the color of the meatball on the cat’s feet

The meatball on the cat’s feet is pink and tender, which means that it rarely goes to other landlords to hunt for prey in normal life. If the meatball on the cat’s feet is black and bright, it will generally catch mice.

Cats are not born to catch mice. Its living environment, habits, hobbies and other aspects will affect whether a cat will catch mice. If you want to raise a cat against rats and insects, then you need to understand its previous living habits. Generally speaking, you should not choose a pet cat, because the living environment of a pet cat does not allow its ability to show, and it is more suitable to accompany the owner to play.

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