How to Treat 5 Common Skin Problems in Dogs

Skin problems are one of the most common diseases in dogs, especially in areas with sufficient rainfall and hot climates. The humid and hot environment is prone to breed a large number of bacteria, and dog hair becomes a hotbed of these bacteria. Dog eczema is One of the most common skin problems in this environment.

There are many kinds of skin diseases, but the symptoms are very similar. Today, I will share some symptoms, causes, and treatments of dogs with skin problems, hoping to help every owner.

7 symptoms of skin diseases in dogs

  1. Rolling and scraping frequently
  2. Excessive licking of paws and body
  3. Hair loss or baldness
  4. Redness or redness of the skin
  5. Scratch your ears with your paws
  6. Body smell
  7. Ringworm

5 causes of dog skin problems

  1. Touching or eating an allergic food
  2. Skin is infected by bacteria or mold
  3. Haven’t bathed for too long
  4. Parasites such as jumping and ticks
  5. Taking a bath too often and the sebum membrane is damaged

1.Contact or eat allergic food

Allergies will manifest on the skin, causing itching, redness, and swelling. There are many common allergens in dogs. Common are beef, catkins, pollen, viruses, parasite secretions, etc. There are many reasons for each dog’s Allergens are different and require multiple investigations to determine.

2.The skin is infected by bacteria and mold

As mentioned at the beginning, the hot and humid environment can accelerate the reproduction of bacteria, which is more likely to cause the formation of dog skin problems. Among them, eczema is one of the representatives in this environment. In addition to eczema, dermatitis and other diseases are also very easy to occur in dogs.

3.Not taking a bath for too long

Nowadays, many dogs are long-haired dogs. The skin of these dogs secretes more oil. If they don’t take a bath for a long time, they can easily block the skin and hair follicles, causing serious hair loss and skin problems such as ringworm.

4.Parasites such as jumping and ticks

Many parasites are hiding in the grass in the wild, among which the representatives are jumping worms and ticks. Taobao is very small, with only a small black spot to the naked eye, and there are a lot of them; ticks can be large or small, and there are not many, but they can be seen with the naked eye. Ticks are parasitic on the dog’s skin, which will cause certain pain to the dog. The tick’s mouthparts have barbs. If it is pulled out, it will cause huge pain to the dog, and need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Parasites secrete a substance that inhibits wound recovery when they are parasitic. This secretion can cause allergic dermatitis in dogs, leading to itching and skin redness.

5.Too frequent bathing and sebaceous membrane damage

If the dog bathes and washes too frequently, it will also destroy the oil balance of the skin, resulting in excessive and rapid oil secretion, which will induce skin diseases.

Dog skin disease treatment methods

  1. Dog skin bacterial infection treatment
  2. Parasite treatment
  3. Dog allergic dermatitis treatment methods
  4. Other causes of treatment

1.Dog skin bacterial infection treatment

Mild bacterial and fungal infections can be solved by applying ointment regularly. If the dog has a very serious bacterial infection, it needs to be treated with drugs and combined with oral drugs, and the treatment period is relatively long, try to make the dog as much as possible Sun exposure, this method can be applied to diseases such as eczema.

2.Parasite treatment

Parasites can be treated only by taking baths and medicated baths and deworming drugs to remove the parasites in the skin and hair. If the skin has been damaged to a certain extent, then only need to restore the treatment with ointment.

3.Treatment of dog allergic dermatitis

First of all, allergic dermatitis needs to know the source of allergies. It needs the help of the owner to recall where the dog has been recent, what he has been in contact with, what he has eaten, etc. that may cause the dog’s allergies, and finally, diagnosis and treatment can be done.

4.Treatment for other reasons

For example, the dog’s skin problems caused by long-term lack of bathing and too frequent bathing can be alleviated by correcting these reasons, and then use the ointment for adjuvant treatment to recover.

Ways to prevent skin problems in dogs

  1. Take a bath every 7-9 days
  2. Use anthelmintics regularly to deworm
  3. Keep your dog’s body dry
  4. Clean your dog’s litter and toys regularly

1.Take a bath once every 1.7-9 days

The dog’s scientific bathing cycle is 7-9 days, which can not only ensure the dog’s body is clean but also avoid skin problems caused by not taking a bath for too long or taking a bath frequently.

2.Regular use of anthelmintics to repel worms

Deworming can prevent the parasites of most parasites for a long time. An anthelmintic can last for a month, and the anthelmintic will not be washed away in a bath, so it will not cause a waste of money.

3.Keep your dog’s body dry

After being exposed to the rain and taking a shower, be sure to blow dry and wipe the dog’s body in time to keep the dog’s hair and skin in a relatively dry and ventilated state, to avoid fungal and bacterial infections such as eczema.

4.Clean the dog’s nest and toys regularly

You need to clean the items that are often close to the dog regularly to prevent the bacteria and parasites on these items from spreading to the dog again, not only to prevent the dog from having skin problems but also to make the living environment cleaner.

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