Cat vs Dog: Which is the Best Pet for You?

Cats and dogs are pets that are often kept in the urban life of citizens. They will establish a good relationship with their owners and are good partners in human life.

Many people think about whether raising a cat or a dog is more suitable for them before raising a pet. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is really difficult to make a decision when choosing. Some cats like to be alone, and people who don’t understand their character will find it difficult to communicate with them. In fact, the sounds and subtle movements made by cats indicate that they want to communicate with you. Dogs give people the impression that they are loyal to their owners. Many things will be manifested in their behaviors, and they have a friendly relationship with their owners. This article will introduce you to the advantages of cats and dogs, the advantages of raising cats and dogs and let you choose the pet that suits you.

Introduce the advantages of cats & the benefits of raising cats

After the cat is trained by the owner, it can become an animal that obeys the owner’s instructions. Cat owners will understand the habits of their pets and discover that cats can actually establish a friendly relationship with their owners If it snores, then it wants to express a friendly or contented mood to the owner. In case it does some incomprehensible behavior, you’d better let it calm down and try not to approach it.


1. Suitable for raising in the community

Although cats often make meow noises, their noises are not loud and cause little impact on neighbors. Generally, the community or landlord will easily accept the cats raised by residents.

2. Cat can catch mice, insects, snakes, and ants

Not every cat can catch mice, especially some pet cats that grew up in a greenhouse, even less likely to catch mice. But many cats can also learn the ability to catch mice after being trained by female cats. You will occasionally see mice or cockroaches at home. If you have a cat, even if it can’t catch them, it can scare them away.

3. Love clean

Before you want to keep a pet, you will first consider environmental and sanitation issues. The cat licks its hair every day, likes to take a bath and is a clean animal.

4. No need to go for a walk every day

Today’s office workers are busy at work every day, and working overtime has become the norm. Cats that don’t have to go out for a walk every day have become the choice for humans to raise. After getting off work every day, you most want to lie in bed and don’t want to do anything. If you have a dog, it will keep barking there, implying that it is time for you to take it out for a walk. If you are tired at this time, you will feel a little irritated.

The best time to train

The best time for cats to train is when they are 2-3 months old. It is best to train for about 10 minutes before each feeding, and it is best to choose a quiet place for training so that it listens more attentively to the owner’s instructions.

The benefits of raising a cat

1. Become a life partner

After you work or when you are in a bad mood, returning home to see the cute look of the cat will help ease your bad mood and become a good partner in your life.

2. Help you develop good habits like an alarm clock

If you have a cat, then you will know that the cat will start to meow after dawn, and it will become a timed alarm clock in your life, and help you develop a good habit of getting up at the same time.

3. Free bug catcher

Usually, when you see cockroaches and mice, you will think of buying medicine to kill them. If you have a cat, it is equivalent to getting free insect catchers, which are better to use than harmful drugs.

Food not recommended

There are certain foods in the cat’s daily diet that hurt its health. It is not recommended to eat these foods in their diet menu: alcoholic beverages, chocolate, raw eggs, milk, avocado, etc. For your pet to grow better, try to avoid letting it eat these foods.

Introduce the advantages of dogs & the benefits of keeping a dog


1. Get close to the owner

Puppies often appear in front of their owners and interact with them. As long as you call its name, it will happily run to you with its tail wagging.

2. Be loyal to the owner

When you usually take the dog out to walk the house, you will find that it will bark constantly when it sees strangers. This is behavior it wants to protect its owner. Dogs are highly alert and loyal to their owners.

3. Smart

In a quiet environment, you train the puppy, a series of movements such as sitting down, rolling, shaking hands, etc., it is easy to learn. The dog is a smart animal.

The best time to train

It is not suitable for a puppy to train too early, at this time, its body functions are immature, but training it too late will easily form bad habits, and it will take more time to correct their behavior. The best time to train puppies is two months after birth. At this time, you can slowly carry out simple training on it.

The benefits of raising a dog


Dogs go for a walk almost every day. If you have a dog, then you will also develop a healthy exercise habit. When you walk with the dog, you are also exercising, and exercising can make your body healthier.

2.Improve the quality of life

If you conduct a series of training on the dog, its communication and interaction with you will increase, and you can also get happiness in it, so that you can also get positive energy and improve your quality of life.

3.Help with housekeeping

In the human impression, dog is a loyal animal. It has a high level of vigilance and a strong defense against strangers. If you have a dog, then you also have a loyal guard to help you look after the house. Provide security for your property.

Food not recommended

Dogs do not have much demand for food. They will eat as soon as they see the food in front of them, but some foods are not recommended feed for them, such as chocolate, coffee, grapes, fried food, onions, milk, tomatoes, and so on. If a dog eats these foods by mistake, it may have diarrhea, vomiting, and even more serious symptoms, so you need to pay attention to its diet.

Pets are friendly partners in our lives. Before raising a pet, you must consider your own economic conditions and raise it when conditions permit. You should have enough patience and love when taking care of it, just like taking care of children and provide them with a good growth environment. Choose to keep a cat or a dog? You can choose the pet that suits you to keep according to your needs.

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