How To Train A Cat? 5 Cat Training Tips

It is more difficult to train cats than dogs. They are usually not interested or even concerned about instructions. The character and behavior they show during training can make people feel very difficult. If you can master the relevant skills and methods, it will not be very difficult to make a cat obedient.

Because cats are very sensitive to the outside world, if you use the wrong way or do not pay attention to details, they will easily become stressed, confused or even change their personality. Therefore, you must pay attention to details in your training for cats. Here is a list of basic exercises, techniques and precautions for cats to learn how to listen to instructions.

Basic training for cats

It’s best to train cats when they are 2-3 months old. At this time, cats are easier to learn and can lay the foundation for improving their skills in the future. You pay attention to the following 5 points in the process of teaching cats to make it easier for them to learn and master the instructions.

1. Do cat training before feeding

It’s a good time to train your cat before feeding. Cats are more willing to be close to people and more obedient when they are hungry, and it is easier to teach them to follow instructions.

2. Be patient during the training

When training a cat, you must be friendly, like playing with it. Even if the cat makes a mistake, don’t speak too loud, or even punish it too much. A cat is reluctant to listen to people’s manipulation. It has strong self-esteem. If you say a cat out of anger, then it is likely to have a sense of disgust for training, which will affect all subsequent teaching effects.

3. Provide a quiet training environment

Cats are very sensitive to the environment, and a quiet environment can keep the cat’s attention. Several people training at the same time, suddenly issuing instructions, making loud noises, etc. should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Only teach one action at a time

It is difficult for cats to learn many movements at once. Too many movements can easily make cats lose confidence and give up. You can only do one training at a time, which makes it easier for cats to learn.

5. Don’t train for too long

The time for training cats is kept within 10 minutes, and training the cats multiple times a day can improve training efficiency.

How to train cats to listen to instructions?

The most important thing in cat training is to make them understand the instructions you say. If you are just starting to teach cats, it is best to familiarize them with their names. When you call the cat’s name, when they raise their heads or jump into your arms, you can stroke the cat’s head or straighten its fur from head to buttocks with your hands. When the cat is familiar with her name, she can proceed to the next step.

Train the cat to come to you: There is a difference between asking the cat to come to you by instruction and calling it by name. You should avoid using the cat’s name to practice over. You can use words like “cat come” or “meow meow~”. Once the cat comes over, you can use food and words to encourage it.

Correct the bad behavior of training cats

You must avoid these behaviors when training cats. Cats are very sensitive animals and are prone to fear in any response you make to harm them.

You must not hit the cat casually. If the cat does something wrong, you can’t hit it casually. Cats will be afraid of you and their personality will become inferior.

Skills and methods of cat training

Mastering some techniques when training a cat can make it easier to accept your instructions.

When the training performance of cats becomes better, be sure to praise them in time. Although it cannot understand human words, it can understand that the voice of praise is different from the voice of reprimand. When you praise your cat, his mood will improve, and the effect of training will also improve.

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