What to Do if Your Cat with Bad Breath and Cat Drooling

Many young people like cats very much, and the number of cats is growing very fast. Some so many people keep cats because everyone wants to own a cat after seeing many pictures of cute cats on the Internet, so they buy or adopt a cat and start a happy cat-raising life.

But in the process of raising a cat, we will encounter many unexpected things. For example, some owners put their face close to the cat, and the cat yells at you, and you will smell the cats’ bad breath. Some owners even find that their cats are drooling. These problems are very troublesome. What causes bad breath and drooling in cats? Today I will introduce the knowledge of this to everyone.

6 factors of cat bad breath

  1. Cat has an infectious disease: stomatitis
  2. Cats have calculus on their teeth
  3. Unrecoverable damage to the cat’s teeth
  4. Cats have problems with their digestive abilities
  5. Cats lack vitamin B complex
  6. Just finished eating heavy-tasting food

1.Cat has an infectious disease: stomatitis

I believe everyone has heard of stomatitis. As an infectious disease, it can be spread through personal items such as food bowls and water bowls. The main symptoms of stomatitis include red and swollen gums, drooling, bad breath, oral ulcers, and poor appetite. Stomatitis cannot be cured naturally, and it may recur after being cured.

2.Cats have calculus on their teeth

If cats do not brush their teeth for a long time, when they eat food, food residues will adhere to the teeth and breed bacteria, and form dental plaque. The dental plaque will make teeth yellow and dark and will form dental calculus for a long time. Dental calculus is one of the causes of a cat’s bad breath.

3.Unrecoverable damage to the cat’s teeth

Human teeth can also suffer from irreversible damage such as tooth decay. Tooth decay cannot be restored to a normal state and is a permanent injury. Although cats do not have tooth decay, they can also suffer permanent damage called “destructive tooth absorption damage”. The main symptoms are bad breath, drooling, unpleasant saliva, decreased appetite, and proliferation of gums.

4.Cats have problems with their digestive abilities

Problems in the cat’s stomach and intestines can easily lead to digestion and absorption problems and eventually lead to malnutrition. The gas in the intestine passes through the esophagus to the mouth, which can cause bad breath. The decline in gastrointestinal digestion is manifested in the cat’s weight and excretion. You need to pay attention to the cat’s weight change and stool condition.

5.Cats lack vitamin B complex

A cat’s lack of vitamins can also cause a series of diseases, and lack of vitamin B complex may cause a cat’s oral problems. For example, bad breath, poor appetite, rough hair, drooling, and other problems, which can even cause stomatitis in severe cases. The vitamin b conplex here refers to a variety of vitamins such as B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12.

6.Just finished eating heavy-tasting food

After eating heavy-tasting foods, people will have bad mouth odors, such as leeks, spring onions, garlic, and other foods, but they will gradually weaken over a while. The same is true for cats. It is normal for cats to have odors in their mouth after eating heavy-tasting cans or snacks, and the odors will generally dissipate the next day. If your cat’s bad breath has not disappeared for a long time, then you have to consider whether it is the three factors above.

What to do when cats have bad breath?

  1. Confirm the specific cause of bad breath through the elimination method
  2. Cats should be sent to the hospital if they suffer from oral problems such as stomatitis
  3. Bad breath caused by indigestion can be fed probiotics to cats
  4. Bad breath caused by lack of vitamin B complex can feed cats with corresponding food

1.Confirm the specific cause of bad breath through the elimination method

The above mentioned are the common causes of a cat’s bad breath. You can recall when your cat started to have bad breath, and whether the cat has lost appetite recently. You can check its mouth to see if the gums are ulcerated and bleeding, and then discuss and analyze with a professional veterinarian to determine the specific cause.

2.Cats should be sent to the hospital if they suffer from oral problems such as stomatitis

If the kitten has oral problems such as stomatitis, you should send it to the hospital, let the doctor observe the cat’s mouth, and then treat it according to the cat’s specific oral conditions. If the tooth is severely damaged, you will consider removing the cat’s broken tooth. This will not only solve the cat’s bad breath problem but also solve the oral problem.

3.Bad breath caused by indigestion can be fed probiotics to cats

When it is determined that the cause of the cat’s bad breath is caused by indigestion, you can feed a small number of probiotics to it to regulate the flora in the cat’s intestines and stomach. If the cat vomits after taking a small number of probiotics, you need to consult a doctor.

4.Bad breath caused by lack of vitamin B complex can feed cats with corresponding food

There are many foods rich in vitamin B complexes, such as chicken breast, pork hind leg, pumpkin, and other foods. Of course, you can also give cats vitamin B pills for human use. Generally, a box of them costs only a few yuan, which is very cheap.

Recommended ways to prevent bad breath in cats

  1. Balanced diet
  2. Brush its teeth regularly
  3. Regular oral examinations for cats

1.Balanced diet

A balanced diet can make cats healthier. Good health can prevent symptoms like bad breath and drooling, and cats will be more energetic, and their hair will be full of luster, so a balanced diet is of great benefit to cats.

2.Brush its teeth regularly

Brushing your cat’s teeth can remove food residues on your cat’s teeth, improve their oral environment, reduce the possibility of dental plaque and dental calculus, and keep your cat away from bad breath. If you feed the cat with ordinary dry food, it is recommended to brush its teeth three times a week. If you feed the cat with wet food, increase the number of brushing by one or two times.

Brushing the cat’s teeth is not difficult, but it’s difficult to make the cat willing to toothbrush. You can apply toothpaste to the cat’s lips to allow the cat to adjust to the smell of the toothpaste. Then use a cotton swab to touch the cat’s gums to allow the cat to adapt to the sensation of foreign objects on the gums, finally brush the cat’s teeth with a toothbrush, the cat may resist fiercely.
If you can’t brush your cat’s teeth well, you can use tartar powder instead of brush teeth. You can mix tartar powder into cat food. When cats eat cat food, tartar powder can also clean the teeth.

3.Regular oral examinations for cats

Check your cat’s teeth and gums regularly. If you find that it has calculus, you need to take it to the hospital for dental cleaning.

The cat’s oral environment is very important. If the oral environment is bad, there must be a lot of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria will enter the intestines and stomach with the cat’s swallowing. Bacteria can not only cause bad breath, but also cause gastrointestinal diseases such as blood in the stool and diarrhea, so you need to pay more attention to the cat’s oral hygiene.

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