Pregnant Cat: How to Tell & 4 Tips for Care

Now most owners will choose to take their cats to the pet hospital for sterilization, and a small number of owners plan to let their cats breed offspring. I believe everyone knows the knowledge about cat sterilization, so today we will talk about the content of cats pregnancy. First of all, we need to know what are the characteristics of cat pregnancy.

What are the characteristics of cat pregnancy?

  1. Nipples and breasts
  2. Belly
  3. Food intake

It can be judged whether a female cat is pregnant more than 20 days after mating. People often refer to this stage as the early stage of a cat’s pregnancy. There are three very obvious characteristics of cats in the early stages of pregnancy.

1.Nipples and breasts

The color of the nipples of a pregnant cat will change from white to pink, and the nipples will be larger than that of a non-pregnant female cat. After that, The hair around the nipples will gradually fall off, and the breasts will gradually grow larger.


The belly of a pregnant cat will slowly grow larger. Viewed from the side, the cat’s back will be concave, and the belly will be more rounded than before.

3.Food intake

To maintain the energy expenditure required during pregnancy, the cat’s food intake during pregnancy will increase significantly. During this period, you can appropriately increase the number of feedings and increase the nutrient content of the cat food. You can choose a prescription for cat pregnancy, but you should pay attention to controlling the cat’s weight to prevent the cat from becoming obese.

If you are still not sure whether your cat is pregnant one month after mating, you can take the cat to the pet hospital for a b-ultrasound to get more accurate results.

How long is the pregnancy cycle of a female cat?

The pregnancy cycle of most female cats is within the range of 58 days to 67 days. The number of days for some special breeds of cats has increased or decreased. You can obtain a more accurate number by consulting a veterinarian. While you are waiting for the cat to give birth, you can do some preparations for the cat mother before the due date.

Preparations before the due date

1.How to predict the due date of cat mothers

If you know the mating date of the female cat, then directly adding 8 weeks is an approximate range. If you don’t know the mating date, you can add 6 weeks to the date of pregnancy symptoms as your cat’s approximate due date.

2.Prepare the delivery room

Find or build a delivery room for the female cat one or two weeks before giving birth. It is recommended to use a closed carton, put a pet heating blanket on the bottom of the carton, and then put a soft towel. Cut a hole on the side of the carton as an entrance for the cat to enter and exit, which can solve the temperature problem and prevent the cub from rolling out of the cat’s litter. The second method is to buy a production box on the e-commerce platform.

3.Preparation for delivery

Tools needed:

  1. Scissors (cut the umbilical cord after disinfection with alcohol cotton)
  2. Iodophor, alcohol cotton, cotton swab (disinfection)
  3. Normal saline (to clean the body of the female cat)
  4. Cat feeding bottle/syringe (feeding kittens who are unable to breastfeed)
  5. Disposable gloves (safe and sanitary, change every time you get blood)
  6. Medical cotton ball (wipe the amniotic fluid on the cat’s nose in an emergency)
  7. 40 degrees Celsius warm water (When the kitten’s heart is not beating, put it in the water to massage the heart)
  8. Hot dry towel (to wipe the kitten’s body and maintain body temperature)


In general, female cats will give birth to several cubs. The mother cat cannot take care of all the cats during delivery, so it needs to be artificially assisted in the production, including tearing the fetal membranes, cutting the umbilical cord, etc. The tools must be replaced and disinfected frequently, to avoid bacterial infection.

Cut off the umbilical cord to leave 2 centimeters, and to tie the mouth for disinfection, in case of emergency, complete the first aid calmly and calmly.

Generally, the second one will be delivered within half an hour after the first one is delivered. If the interval is too long, you need to consult a doctor or take it to a veterinary hospital for a doctor to help deliver the baby.

Precautions for cats during pregnancy

1.Don’t exercise too much

Excessive exercise during pregnancy may cause a female cat to miscarry, so you should avoid cat strenuous exercise.

2.Tool preparation

Tool preparation should be as early as possible, and the relevant production knowledge should be well understood in advance.

3.Nutritional supplement

Cats need to consume a lot of nutrients during pregnancy. You can consult a veterinarian to learn how to optimize the type and quantity of cat food.

4.Consult a veterinarian more

The knowledge of veterinarians is very professional, you can get more reliable and accurate advice by consulting them.

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